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Care Assessments


At Meyer Care Management a registered nurse with decades of experience completes a Comprehensive Care Assessment for each client. The assessment starts by identifying all existing medical conditions and diagnoses that may make it challenging for a person to maintain wellness.  Next a review of all physicians, treatments and medications used is completed.

The nurse then assesses each client's physical, social and cognitive care needs to determine the level of assistance needed.  The assessment looks at all activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, mobility, nutrition and medication management.  

Care Plan Development


Information gathered in the Care Assessment is used by the Nurse to develop a Care Plan.  The Care Plan addresses the Medical, Social, Cognitive and Physical Care needs identified for each client.


The Care Plan determines if Caregiver assistance is needed and serves as an instructional guide for the delivery of care.  Ongoing Healthcare Coordination and Monitoring needs are also identified in the Care Plan.   The Care Plan promotes Wellness and is adjusted as care needs change.

 Wellness Checks


Meyer Care Management believes in a proactive approach to healthcare.  Because of this, we send a Nurse to your home to make sure all is well. During the home visit the Nurse checks to ensure all care needs are being met and that medications are being taken properly. 


The Nurse reviews  Blood Glucose readings for Diabetics, Blood Pressures for clients with High Blood Pressure, and assesses each client for any signs or symptoms of illness or changes in health status. Wellness Checks help maintain health and minimize hospital visits.

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